February 21st 2017


I lost my job at TJ’s Kid Store. In situations like this it’s a little harder to express myself on instagram, which is my plataform of choice for self expressions in 2017.

It’s rather unfortunately things ended as they did, but I cannot regret what has happened. I can only accept things as they are and move forward.

As on instagram, what we think we become. Here is to a better day tomorrow. – Genesis@tigerpoetry



El Salvador

The country in which I was born in is named after Jesus Christ. The direct translation of the name is “The Savior.”  The city of my birth is the capital of El Salvador is called ” La Ciudad de Gran San Salvador ”  which translates to “The City of the Great Holy Savior” and is shortened to San Salvador. Maybe it was the hubris of it’s name that cursed it to suffer so much.

Although I still believe that “I” as in my ego is a illusion. I think than an examination of my history if worth something.

Yoga Nov.9.2011

I haven’t done yoga in a week. About a week ago I was challenged by my partner to believe in myself. It isn’t a coincidence that I haven’t done yoga in a week, or that my eating habits have deteriorated.

I have a partner that loves and supports me and I have found wisdom to draw inspiration from. I’m just not making myself available to my life.

Every day – Update 2017

I go to sleep and think you’ll leave me. Every morning I wake up and you are still there. Thank you.


Update: Feb 21st 2017

Well I’m a blogger now. I started this blog back in 2011 for who knows what reasons. I was living in Calgary and during some desperate time I started this for blog to maintain some sanity I’m sure.

The lady below was my girlfriend at the time and we went on to move together to Vancouver in 2011. Life went on and were married and the shortly after divorce with no kids and a broken heart.

It’s been years ever since then and I’ve trying my best to move on.

Siddhārtha Gautama was a normal man as am I.

I do not believe in myself.

I do not believe in myself. I am in a battle with my mind every morning and when I lose, a crippling fear that floods my mind and it kill the seeds of wisdom my teachers imparted upon me.

I allow my value as a person to be dictated by outside sources. Not good enough I say to myself. Not strong enough I say to myself. Not worth anything. I dishonor my teachers in this practice. I need to come up with my own Dharma. Both the Buddha and Socrates encouraged me to forge my own path. They wrote no map to lead me to enlightenment as I must write my own map.

I need to write my own Dharma. I don’t know what it is that I’m doing but the message the aforementioned two left behind continues to inspire me.