Inside, not outside.

Everything I need in terms of wisdom is this, inside, not outside.

Yesterday I thought about doing my yoga the whole day, but it was not to happen at all. The reason for this was not because I lacked time or motivation as I had plenty of both. The reason why I did not do my yoga was because my day from the first moment of awareness was focused on the outside, not the inside.

First I had a rich self satisfying breakfast and thought, I’ll do yoga soon. Then I played minecraft and thought, I’ll do yoga soon. This continued on and on and the further the song of my day continued, the harder it became to change the tune.

Maybe this is the same for life but at a much larger scale. Today I woke up and drank water first. This entry is the second thing I have done.  I had a very inspiring dream tonight, one of a young man who lives passionately and for other people. When he died, he had touched many and his life had sparked beauty to continue on the life of others.

It was a good dream to have. It will inspire me to live passionately today.


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