Speaking the concept of suffering.


Suffering is a concept that I use when I share of my beliefs and practices with anyone. This usually elicits an invitation to change the word or a suggestion that suffering is not the word I meant to use.

I’ve considered changing the word but in the end I believe that in doing that it would be turning away from the suffering and pain in everyone’s life. In my life I’ve turned away from suffering constantly without pause. It is the common thread running through my experiences.

When I give in to my fears my suffering is extended. I feel terribly guilty about not living up to my beliefs and although I avoided the initial suffering, all it does is postpone it and then extend the amount of time I spend suffering.

I either run or push away all suffering.

From listening to wisdom of Gautama Buddha, the examination of suffering is key in the absolution of it. In the morning I believe that directly looking at my suffering is the only solution.

My suffering take form in yoga. I do not like doing yoga it causes mental and physical suffering. I’m afraid of walking the yoga path that, I will not have the strength of will to follow through.

I think facing my suffering cultivates something meaningful inside of me. I think it cultivates wisdom to choose one’s own suffering and facing it head on that to run from it until it inevitably catches up with me.

Every morning I try to choose my suffering in choosing it daily I think it will slowly turn my suffering into joy. Well see if I’m right, the philosopher is the proof of the wisdom of the philosophy.

Today I face this suffering.



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