I want a sausage.

In the mornings I try to have a simple bowl of flax seed for breakfast. Today I woke up and I really wanted to eat the sausage Stacey had cooked for me last night for dinner. I’ve been eating a bowl of flax for breakfast for about a week now. I have been doing it withouth really contemplating why I was doing this. The thought behind it is ” A simple humble meal. ” a small sacrifice. Flax that I grind in the morning and add hot water and milk to it. Simple, filling, nutricious and humble. I’m not a humble man, I hope that by continuing to make small sacrifices and humbling acts I can diminish my ego.
Today as I ate my bowl I kept thinking ” I really want that sausage. ” I felt hunger and the hunger kept calling me to eat the sausage. But in my mind I thought ” I would like to have a morning where nothing died to feed me. Quickly the flax filled my stomach and the physical hunger passed but the desire for the sausage continued.

Truly my desire is caused by my mind, not by my body. I stopped wanting the sausage and just looked at my horse. I’m riding you horse. I see you.


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