Losing Sight Of What is Important

If the Buddha’s Dharma is the only truth and the world is constructed of illusions. Then in my chase of money I’ve lost myself in delusions.

My current weight is 258.9 pounds when I woke up this morning. I haven’t eaten flax in days, I haven’t done yoga in days. I think it is important for me to live the Dharma regardless of what’s happening around me. I need to keep using this blog to analyze my life in a Buddhist context. Using the Dharma as a guide.

I lose myself to ego everyday. I need to remember what’s important everyday.


Today I had a good start. I woke up and had a bowl of grinned flax and soya chocolate milk. I’m going to have a flax bowl before every meal.  It’s a good day if I remember to get in touch with my ego and see how much of it I am inhabiting at the time.

I’m learning a lot these weeks. May the wisdom of the Buddha’s Dharma touch everyone’s heart.