My last thoughts were a shameful ones filled with suffering. But they will not be erased to ease my shameful ego. My architect build it’s house inside my heart.

I considered taking it down my post to ease my ego. But there is no value in the vessel, no shame in the form it takes.  My ego is merely an illusion.

Siddhārtha Gautama was a normal man as am I.

Thank you honorable Nagasenas for teaching me that there is no permanence individuality in who I am.

I am known as Genesis, it is merely the designation in common used with no permanence individuality implied by my name. There is no Genesis, it is a mere empty sound.

My pursuit of the Buddha’s Dharma will not be stopped by illusions of pride or permanence of ego. Only the Buddha’s Darma is of value. Only reaching Nirvana through the middle way is of substance.



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